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Challenge yourself but always enjoy it

I joined Hotovo at the end of January 2022. At the interview stage the panel asked me what hobbies I had and what I liked to do in my spare time. This was an easy answer for me because I was already training for an Ironman distance Triathlon which consists of: 2.4 mile open water swim, a 112 mile bike ride followed by a 26.2 mile marathon. I could see by their faces that they were quite surprised by this.

However, Hotovo is a company who are focussed on health and well-being and there are many keen cyclists in the office so there was an understanding of my mindset for setting myself this challenge. This would be the third time I have completed this distance. Each time there were lessons to be learned to take into the next event. The most important thing to me is to enjoy the training, enjoy the day and not get injured.

My training schedule

Hotovo allowed me flexibility in my working hours and the days to attend the office. My training schedule consisted of early morning training before work and long bike rides and runs on the weekend. With the ability to change my days in the office from a Tuesday and Friday to a Wednesday and Friday this allowed me to complete my BRIC sessions (bike and run) on a Tuesday morning in line with my training schedule.

At the peak of my training, I trained for 16 hours per week. I also worked full time. I swam 3 times a week, cycled 3 times a week, ran 3 times a week and also completed weight exercises and Yoga. Most days this meant training twice a day. In the peak of my training I needed to complete three separate 100 mile bike rides. For one of these I was able to take a day’s holiday to free up a day on my weekend. My UK colleagues kept me well supplied with biscuits through my working day which is my favourite way to fuel for such an event.

I believe the skills I apply in my working life I also apply in my personal life and they help me to complete the challenges I set. As a Project Manager I need to be organised, have excellent time management skills, be resilient, solve problems and also have excellent negotiation skills, which were needed with my family and friends when trying to find time to spend with them and spend the time I needed for my training. 

You cannot enter events of this magnitude if you are not committed to the training. Training for 3 disciplines is hard work and things do not always go to plan. Whether this is due to injury, needing to amend a training schedule or mechanical issues with your equipment such as your bike. I think being able to apply my skills helped me to adjust and manage my own expectations about what was achievable. I was a much stronger athlete at this event than last year. 

During my training I also found that my running journals were not meeting my needs so I decided to design my own and have this printed for resale. I have collated the first round of feedback and will look to make necessary changes to make sure this journal is the best it can be for others. 

Michele’s running journal

Now I will have time on my hands as I won’t be training as much. I have also decided that I will train as a running coach later this year so I can lead running groups. I have also set up a new running group in my local area. If I can help others in their journey then I am passionate about doing this.

Congratulations, Michele!

Triathlon is an individual sport, however without the support of my family, friends and work colleagues I would not have been able to complete the training that was needed, enjoy my training as much as I did and feel stronger than ever before 🙂


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