Team of developers who love sport and adrenaline

Every day in HOTOVO offers unexpected challenges, not only in the office but also outside of it. In our team, it’s not just about programming. Our talented colleagues also commit to sports, and are successful on both a recreational and professional level.

The work of a developer can be mentally demanding. Which is the reason why we need to have a nice workout once in a while. Many of us do sports individually, but we enjoy doing them together the most. See for yourself in our latest video.

Want to know which sports we love at HOTOVO?


We love life on two wheels, so we regularly organize bike trips. We conquer tarmac roads and trails together. In our company, we have several sports teams that all encourage each other. However, there is also some healthy competition about which team will cover more kilometers. Our most experienced bikers, Laci and Jano, devoted themselves to enduro and XC riding. Our company also has custom company jerseys, bicycle stands, and a themed cycling wall with our motto “Powered by pedals”.

Team “Scrambled Legs” on a trail ride.


As the temperature begins to drop, the entire HOTOVO team looks forward to hitting the slopes. It has become a tradition that every year we go skiing together in Jasná. Nothing will bring you closer than an adrenaline ride on the ski slopes, or teambuilding in an après ski bar. We believe that the changing pandemic situation will mean we’re soon able to do it again. In our Hotovo Ski Academy, we have already completed an avalanche course and tried freeriding with instructors. We also have a few experienced ski mountaineers on the team.


It’s not often that work gets on our nerves. But when it happens, it’s always sport that makes us feel better. Our climbers, led by our colleague Roman, are living proof of that. In their free time, they like to conquer boulders and walls… and train their fingers so they can type on their keyboards even better! At times, during a teambuilding session, they are even willing to teach us non-climbers the basics of climbing. 

Climbing Teambuilding. 

Climbing Teambuilding.


Sometimes we need to look at our projects from a different perspective in order to stay on top of things. However, our colleague Miro takes this literally, and has already done almost 200 parachute jumps. We’ve already tried this together too, and completed a tandem jump from a helicopter as a team. We have to admit that the adrenaline level was higher than when chasing deadlines 🙂

Tandem Parachute Jump.

Table Tennis

When it’s necessary to slow down our pace, it’s time for table tennis – which we often play together. We regularly organize company tournaments, and we’ve already won a few cups in local tournaments. Our colleague Marek even plays in a mini-league. We also have our company ping-pong jerseys, but that goes without saying. 


There are a few purely recreational runners in HOTOVO. However, we can also boast about our marathoner Miro. He’s notched a series of successes in running and, among other things, he participates in the International Peace Marathon in Košice every year.

Miro representing HOTOVO at the marathon in Košice.


Some may disagree, but we firmly believe that chess is a sport. In our team, we have skillful and passionate chess players who sometimes play a game together, and sometimes even organize company tournaments. Our branch manager from Argentina recently played a game during his visit too.

Chess game: HOTOVO Slovakia vs. HOTOVO Argentina.


In our team, you’ll also find a few of the more extraordinary sports, such as archery. Our colleague Tomáš likes to spend his free time doing this sport. He’s a member of the historical club, where he performs archery at various festive events while dressed in historical costume.

Slot car racing 

Slot car racing is also an exceptional sport. Our colleague Laci is quite into it – he even took part in the European and World Championships! Laci is also a member of the Mladý Technik club (Young Technician Club) in Košice. In HOTOVO, we support him a lot, and in 2022 we plan to support this initiative and the organization of local events.


When it comes to work matters, we don’t fight each other in HOTOVO. However, Vlado, a member of our team, likes to have a jiu-jitsu fight in his spare time. He already has a jiu-jitsu brown belt. Some of his colleagues even occasionally dare to be his sparring partner.

As you can see, we are never bored at HOTOVO, and we definitely don’t lack sporting spirit. If you also like to live actively and have talent that we could use, look at our vacancies and join our great team!


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