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From the drawing board to reality. Seamlessly. It works because we know that your business has its own unique needs, and your software development needs to reflect that.

We'll listen carefully and patiently to gain an in-depth understanding. Then we’ll create the exact software solutions you need.

Custom Charts for Jira

Old Street Solutions is a Global Platinum Atlassian Marketplace Vendor that makes software designed to simplify and demystify Atlassian’s powerful tools. We helped them create their Custom Charts app, a powerful and successful reporting tool for anyone using Jira.

Wastewater treatment systems

We developed a complex and customizable solution for wastewater treatment systems that is adaptable for every new location's unique and specific requirements. Developed from a hardware perspective, covering backend development through to a custom user-interface. We're proud to be part of this important project for a country where clean water is worth the price of gold.

Mobility assistance application: Moveasy

Mobly is a young Belgian transport and car insurance company that's offering new services thanks to the results of the Hotovo team's development capabilities. This project is strongly focused on sustainability, by offering eco-friendly transport options.


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