DevOps Engineer


Is your head full of ideas that could help people around you? Do you have a passion for developing great software? Are you looking for a new and exciting opportunity? Right time to join our team 😉

We are looking for DevOps Engineer, who will be responsible for design and implementation of key components for Hotovo operational infrastructure – application, monitoring and alerting. Design and implementation of DevOps for existing and new projects. That is all on the top of the latest technologies – Terraform, Ansible, FluxCD, Kubernetes, Prometheus Stack, Docker and LXC. Depending on success, there is an opportunity to be a lead of DevOps activities.


  • Be a part of the team developing GREAT SOFTWARE with industry leaders and innovators like Atlassian, Red Hat, Salesforce, Percolate and many others.
  • Work with us on startups, challenging your creativity and invention, while using the latest technologies.
  • Have a chance to bring your own ideas and influence how things are done.
  • COOPERATE with guys from San Francisco, New York, Philadelphia, Sydney, Buenos Aires or London, with an opportunity to visit these places.
  • Help us bring new innovative jobs to town for all of us.
  • Enjoy great coffee, beer, table foosball, game nights, movie & documentary nights, bike or hike trips, join Hotovo table tennis team,… check out our @hotovocompany FB or Instagram 😉


  • Enjoy the exciting start-up atmosphere or work for stable customers with a great reputation. We offer both under one roof.
  • Get your HANDS ON the latest technologies
  • Non-formal “dorms-like” working atmosphere
  • Fruit of your work will be used by millions of users around the world
  • Agile methodologies, lots of unit tests, functional tests, code reviews, scrums, etc.
  • Flexible working hours for sure
  • Great coffee and lots of fun activities (yes, we do have a secret underground..)
  • And of course a great salary corresponding to your skills and hairstyle


You are smart, talented, enthusiastic, reliable, have great hair, and are modest. Also…  


  • Strong analytical and solution design skills
  • Experienced with Kubernetes
  • Experience with Prometheus Stack (Grafana, Prometheus, Loki, Alerting)
  • Familiar with Linux
  • Familiarity using Scrum/Agile development methodologies
  • English at a communicative level


  • Amazon CloudFront
  • Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service
  • Terraform
  • Ansible
  • GitOps (FluxCD or ArgoCD)
  • Reliability and responsibility
  • Team player
  • Ability to communicate (present in front of Customer, within the team)
  • Table football psycho/freak, floorball player, yoga guru, blood donor, NERFighter, climber…


Please PUT TEXT “JavaScript Developer” into SUBJECT of your EMAIL when applying for this job. It’s a job code and it will help us to process your application faster. Apply with a CV and perhaps with some motivation info (in case it’s more than a desire for the best job in town 🙂 )

Email contact:


A rather non-conventional, quite progressive software development company, started in 2010, led by people with 15+ years experience in IT, that focuses on custom software development, integration, a long-term partnership form of outsourcing, and the development of start-ups. We cooperate with top-notch foreign companies, which allows us to attract the best talent in town… Want to grow in your career? You’ll really appreciate our structure 😉 We have no foreign investors or management. In other words, there is no one out there dictating what we can or can’t do 🙂

So, what do you think? Will you help us bring the best jobs to our town, and enjoy working on them with us? 😉

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