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Wastewater treatment systems

WTR EUROPE is a young progressive company focused on water treatment systems and sustainable water management.

Slovak-Chinese ownership of this company predicted multicultural and interesting project that it undoubtedly was.

WTR Europe was looking for a partner to develop a comprehensive solution. Brave to fight all the specifics that the project could bring.

A unique greenfield solution of SW components from hardware modules to the worldwide Central Control Room secured by Hardware Security Modules.

Highly customizable to specific needs. Each solution can be defined according to its structure designed for the needs of a specific place. The system is implemented in China and several other European countries.

  • Real-time monitoring and controlling of WWTS from 500m3 to up to 100k m3.
  • Hundreds of elements are driven by artificial intelligence based on the Fuzzy model.
  • Real-time streaming and visualizing to real 3D models shown in the Local and Central Control Room.
  • Each WWTS has its own hardware security module responsible for connecting to the network, a module that generates access tokens.
  • New state-of-the-art interface built on top of the React and Material user interfaces.
  • Complex project delivery including hardware architecture
  • The team of PM, Technical solution architects, BE and FE developers and UI/UX designer
  • The project evolves further by adding new locations with its own specifics

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