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Recipes in Oracle Integration Cloud

An American multinational computer technology corporation selling database software and technology, cloud engineered systems, and enterprise software products—particularly its own brands of database management systems.

The client had his own integration tool ready when Hotovo stepped in, however it had its little glitches.

After an initial period, when we developed a number of sample integrations that were published in the client’s marketplace, we started to cooperate with other international teams to build ready-to-use solutions which cover end-to-end processes for enterprises.

In partnership with Oracle, the client can rely on the Hotovo team responsible for:

  • development of new integrations between a variety of Oracle and non-Oracle systems
  • development of custom code required to extend individual integrations
  • conversion of old integrations to meet new standards
  • testing of new & converted integrations
  • preparing and configuring systems for integration deployment and testing
  • preparing technical documentation and user manuals for the provided integrations
  • publishing recipes to Oracle Marketplace

Hotovo team worked on different business verticals, delivering the so-called next gen experience.

Enterprises have heterogeneous SaaS applications that together with business processes span across SaaS applications. CRM and ERP is a common use case, where customers use one system for CRM and another as ERP. 

Hotovo worked on this end-to-end process that gives insights and visibility into prospects, customer purchases, invoices, payments and all other information related to financial activity.

E-Commerce Platform integration to ERP is a use case, where e-commerce companies can boost their businesses and growth by delegating all the backend operations such as orders shipping, inventory management, fulfillment, payments life cycles etc. to ERP, while they concentrate on what really matters – their customers. We worked on a pre-built integration solution that will help automating the complete order-to-cash process by synchronizing the customers, products, orders, fulfillments, invoices and payments. With the data being synchronized automatically, teams across sales, order management, fulfillment and accounting will have the complete view of the orders and nonetheless customers will get to view the accurate picture of their orders at any point of time.

  • 3 years of collaboration
  • dedicated team of PM, tech. lead, dev, tester, tech. writer/QA

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