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MuleSoft platform integration & MuleSoft connectors

“Just wanted to thank you guys for the excellent work that you have been doing!”

Ashley, Product Manager - MuleSoft US

MuleSoft is a company headquartered in San Francisco, California, focusing on the area of integration software for connecting applications, data sources and APIs in the cloud or on-premises.

Nowadays, the market requires data from various, heterogeneous systems to be available for making smart decisions. Data holding applications sometimes create isolated “islands”, separated from the rest of the organization. The systems need to talk together fast and in the automated way. However, the situation is complicated by the fact that different applications use different data formats, protocols, processes, security measures, etc. and this is where the MuleSoft products step in.

Hotovo team has supported MuleSoft on its amazing journey from the very beginning, through an IPO and its acquisition by Salesforce.

We have participated in the development of the MuleSoft ecosystem and delivered catalyst accelerators, connectors, recipes and custom applications.

Reliability, scalability and the ability to deliver on time has been the key to our success in this partnership.

  • 8 years of successful collaboration 
  • variety of projects and integration solutions delivered
  • 2 dedicated Hotovo teams (PM, 15 devs, architects, QAs)
  • several praises from the top management of the client
  • cooperation with teams in USA and Argentina

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