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Mobility assistance application Moveasy

Mobly is quite a young Belgian transport and car insurance company that helps people get to their destination as easily as possible from an environmental point of view in the event of a car breakdown (car accident). Mobly was the first company in Belgium offering breakdown assistance without regular subscription.

A nice story when the successful evaluation of an assigned developer to help a client in need evolved into the development of the entire product with a specialized team.

The delivered solution is a combination of a multi layer back-end system with two admin dashboards and end user mobile web application. 

Successful deployment of the front-end and back-end applications into production, which led to a significant growth of the client’s business plan.

Great potential of the project underlined by the need for green transport allows this project to flourish further.

  • Progressive web app – Android & iOS
  • responsibility for system architecture, technology design and the development process itself
  • configuration of Continuous Integration and implementation of automated tests
  • dedicated team of PM, FE/BE devs, QAs and DevOps

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