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Mobile applications for marketing campaign management

“You guys are a tremendous resource for our team, and keep us moving forward all the time. Your practical suggestions and expertise help us achieve our objectives faster than we thought possible!”

Zach, Vice President of Engineering

Percolate by Seismic is a provider of a leading platform for marketing orchestration and campaign management and aligns go-to-market teams while empowering them to deliver engaging buyer experiences that drive growth.

Finding a responsible and qualified team of developers at a reasonable price in New York or San Francisco was quite challenging. Hotovo was given the opportunity to work with Percolate in 2016. Shortly after the start of mutual cooperation, the first implemented application demonstrated the capabilities of Hotovo.

Hotovo stepped in to provide a dedicated development team based in Slovakia.

The development of “inherited” mobile applications required a rapid acquisition of know-how and a deep understanding of the architecture and technical background of both applications. It is understandable that, as with other software, where rapid growth was a necessity, applications suffered from technical depth and the list of required features waiting to be implemented was long. Hotovo accepted this challenge in full and our cooperation, underlined by the successful business growth of the client, is still continuing.

  • 5 years of collaboration
  • dedicated team of Android and iOS developers and QA specialists responsible for the redesign of mobile apps architecture

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