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Custom charts for Jira

"Very awesome. Thanks for making something that will be so easy to sell :)"

Chris Cooke, CEO at OSS

Old Street Solutions is a Global Platinum Atlassian Marketplace Vendor that makes software designed to simplify and demystify Atlassian’s powerful tools.

The most challenging thing from the start was to create a platform for Custom Charts for Jira and Confluence that would simplify development deployment and maintenance on server cloud and data center platforms.

Creating a generic front-end to work in all of these environments with minimum effort, which harnessing the benefits of each environment seemed a difficult challenge.

They also needed a lightweight cost-effective infrastructure capable of scaling up to handle huge loads of data requests.

Old Street Solutions had heard good reviews about Hotovo from several people in the Atlassian ecosystem. The right moment came after market research showed the demand for a reporting product with great UX. Various parameters fell in place and the two companies started their journey.

Hotovo was responsible for developing a Confluence server and cloud MVP version to demonstrate that we are capable of delivering the add-on with required functionality, built on a generic platform.

After a successful demonstration of the MVP, we started working on a Jira application,  and we’ve continued to develop it ever since. 

The development did not finish yet as we still work on new features which makes the add-on even better.

  • We reached 2k installations in the Atlassian marketplace in a year
  • Our flagship app, Custom Charts for Jira, grew from just 17 instances in 2019 to 2,072 instances in 2021, with growth tripling in the last six months alone.
  • There are now over 400,000 people and counting using Custom Charts for Jira to build their reports.
  • We were awarded a prize as Atlassian’s Fastest Growing Marketplace Partner for Cloud in 2020

Many new ideas have been discussed during our time together, including some outside of the Atlassian space. The future is bright.

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