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Seed-production management

“You have built a great team and a great company that helps SeedBin deliver products that are delighting our customers.”

David Gorton, Head of Product Management at SeedBin

SeedBin is a US-based agtech startup that provides customized software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to the seed industry, which help balance inventory, plan production and manage supply.

One of SeedBin’s projects was concerned in tracking seeds using a novel hardware-native infrared scanner and barcode system, for which they needed a development team.

The idea for the product was to replace manual data-sharing through spreadsheets and email with customizable SaaS solutions – with the intention to simplify seed supply-chain management and support their partners, such as the fast growing Remington Seeds organization, as well as ease the workload of the admin team. It would make the data-entering process go faster, thus enabling an operator/stock-keeper to do immediate data recording at the shop floor.

We developed a custom Android device with infrared scanner integration, and a software solution that included a mobile application and a fully-featured service layer.

The platform has enabled seed producers, brokers and retailers to streamline and automate complex manual processes, and simultaneously communicate with partners, employees and customers.

  • Successful and ongoing collaboration since 2019.
  • This project continues to evolve further, with Hotovo providing continuous updates and improvements.
  • The Hotovo team includes frontend/backend developers, Android developers and QAs.

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