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“Hotovo has been an essential supplement to the Red Hat team as we launched and sustained a new Kubernetes-based ecosystem. Hotovo engineers had the operations, CI/CD, containers and frontend knowledge needed to help our team accomplish our goals on time. On top of that they went deep into a new open source technology stack we were developing a community around (with their help). Communication and collaboration has been top notch – they truly are an extension of our team.”

Rob Szumski, Product Management for OpenShift at Red Hat

An American multinational software company and member of the IBM family that provides open-source software products to the enterprise community, Red Hat is the second largest contributor to the Kubernetes upstream project, and the originator of many of its key functions, components and related container technologies.

In 2018, Red Hat decided to improve the services it provided to the open-source operator community by redesigning and rebuilding their product. 

Red Hat outsourced some of these tasks, but early in 2019, inconsistent deliveries from an external supplier caused the project to suffer.

It was at this point that Red Hat turned to Hotovo, entrusting us to enter the project by expanding Red Hat’s team capacity, and ensure stable delivery. This resulted in improved development processes, and successful delivery of the final improved product.

Our dedicated team helped Red Hat contribute to the Kubernetes community by participating in the development of their Kubernetes Operators platform and related tooling.

The Hotovo team is currently responsible for Red Hat’s open source and external Operator products. Because of the success of our first collaboration, combined with the increased demand for CI (continuous integration) pipelines that deliver Operator products to systems and end users, we were invited to join Red Hat’s internal team on a long-term basis.

  • Successful and ongoing collaboration since 2019.
  • Dedicated team of web app developers and DevOps specialists.
  • Responsible for maintaining the quality of community contributions.

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