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Enterprise Risk-Management Solution

“Hotovo has been an integral part of the product development and the success of the application. It’s a partnership. It’s really not a typical outsourcing arrangement.”

Peter Walker, Chief Technology Officer of The Protecht Group

Protecht is a major Australian company that uses its risk-management software solutions to help organizations deeply understand, monitor and manage their risk.

Protecht was originally looking to extend its development team with highly skilled personnel at a manageable cost.

Since this was extremely difficult to do locally and with a long-term perspective in mind, Protecht decided to look off-shore for these additional resources, stability and reliability.

Hotovo stepped in to provide Protecht with a dedicated and long-term agile development team, based in Slovakia.

This small development team has since grown organically to become a team of almost 20 members, working not only on development, but also on product architecture, testing/QA, support, UI/UX design and BI/reporting for a major proportion of Protecht’s core products.

  • Successful and ongoing collaboration, working on all of Protecht’s core products, since 2010.
  • Development of platform and mobile applications.
  • ISO 27k certification passed in order to be aligned with the client.
  • A dedicated Hotovo team of 20 people, including product owner, biz analysts, developers, UI/UX designers, QA specialists and support; A team that continues to grow along with the thriving client business.
  • Successful cooperation between teams that have between a -1 to +9 hour time difference.

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