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What is the LibLouis project about?

LibLouis is a library containing rules for converting Latin letters for individual languages ​​into Braille for literary (6-point) and computer (8-point) notation.

It also contains rules for writing diacritical, punctuation, scientific, technical, musical or foreign language marks and shapes appearing in ordinary text as well as in professional articles or other publications. The application should allow the definition of Braille representation of letters, punctuation, scientific or technical and other characters for 6-point and 8-point notation.

Defining rules for literary constructions e.g. capital letter, numeric character, series of capital letters, citation, bold highlighting, foreign language insert, mathematical formula, table, description of a graph or other object and other rules.
Subsequently, the application would generate a library. It would be embedded in the JAWS or NVDA assistant application, which still uses it.

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Project realisation

  • Project start: October 2020
  • Project end: February 2022

Document for download (Slovak version)