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programming principles cover

Programming Principles – My Way of Being a 10x Developer

If I can name one thing that opened my eyes …

programming principles cover

Learn with HOTOVO (video)

“Learning and improving not only yourself, but also helping others …

Team of developers who love sport and adrenaline

Every day in HOTOVO offers unexpected challenges, not only in …

HOTOWOW x Sportsmen (video)

Sport is part of the DNA at Hotovo, we like …

Martin Zdila family

HOTOWOW x Martin Ždila

At Hotovo, we can boast about our employees whose talents …

Map the world with OpenStreetMap (video)

Life is a journey for which you can make a …

jan galik

HOTOWOW x Ján Gálik

Our accomplished colleague Ján Gálik is proof that technology and …

Let’s build a better society (video)

Home alone: lost in everything? This has been the reality …