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better together in hotovo office

The joys of returning to a new “Home” office

The first time I entered the building, I immediately had …

Expo2020 Dubai: A Week Like No Other

Presenting at Expo 2020 Dubai is an honor. No doubt …

Hotovo team on skis with flag

An incredible week of work, fun, and strengthening bonds

The first week of March was a special one for …

Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash

Cloud docs vs Meetings

This article is not what you think, it is not …

Team of developers who love sport and adrenaline

Every day in HOTOVO offers unexpected challenges, not only in …

Programming principles series

Why watching HOTOVO Programming principles series is a good choice

It is no secret that in order for companies to …

hotovo means done

From Zero to Expert in 3 days

In my last post I concluded with the question whether …

A year and a half in the life of Hotovo

If you are a devoted Metallica fan like I am, …

Appka, ktorou pomáhame učiť a recyklovať

Spolu s košickými vysokoškolákmi sme vyvinuli aplikáciu, ktorá uľahčuje triedenie odpadov. …

study, hotovo recommends

Tipy na štúdium spájajúce umenie a IT

Čas podávania prihlášok na vysoké školy sa už rozbehol, a preto …

Hotovo Teen Dev Day 2018

International Girls in ICT Day

There is always smaller number of female applicants in the …

Hotovo hackathon

Hotovo hackathon

Usually the weekend is the right time for restart. Restart …

Urban Exploration Map

Hey explorers! Maybe your bucket list is expanding with places …

Tag yourself #HERO

From time to time, shit happens. To everyone. You are …

Wishing You All a Successful and Happy 2019!

We’d like to wish all of you a Happy New …

8th Years Anniversary with Hotovo

Hotovo was founded in 2010 and is now celebrating its …

Mobile meetup

1st Hotovo mobile devs meetup

At the end of October Hotovo initiated a our series …

WHO logo

World Mental Health Day

Hotovo recently had the fortune to meet with Dr Nasser …

Family Day 2018

Family day at Hotovo

Nothing can compensate the time spent with beloved ones. On …

Hotovo Teen Dev Day 2018

Hotovo Teen Dev Day 2018

We know that today’s youth will build the future of …

Hotovo Teen Dev

Hotovo Teen Dev 2018

Teenagers and young adults are our future. We believe it …

1st Atlassian User Group Meetup at Hotovo

We were very honoured that we have hosted a very …

OpenBazaar, meetup, hotovo

5th Crypto meetup with OpenBazaar

Thank you for attending our 5th Crypto meetup! Your interest …

Buildme menu

BuildMe application

Growing up doesn’t necessarily mean that the child inside is …


aiRecipes application – Your new “Shazam” for food

Have you ever opened the fridge, full of ingredients, but …


Enter our DevKitchen

Sharing is caring. Sometimes a bit scaring but this is …

hodl bitcoin hotovo

4th Crypto Meetup – ICO Best practices

First meetup of the year started in the spirit of … is here

We are a proud partner of – better government …

2. Crypto meetup – Smart Contracts and ICOs

After two months we’ve organized second crypto meetup. This time …



Thank God It’s Friday!



Thank God It’s Friday!

First Crypto Meetup

On the first Monday of July, our cryptocurrency team organized …



Thank God It’s Friday!

Portfolio page where you can see allocation different wallets and cryptocurrencies across time

Startup Weekend Kosice

Our cryptocurrencies team has attended Startup Weekend Kosice 2017. Startup …



Thank God It’s Friday!

Hotovo QA meetup was a big success!

Last Thursday, May the 25th, we hosted the first QA …



Thank God It’s Friday!


QA presentation at the Technical University in Kosice

On Thursday, May the 11th, we delivered a presentation for …

Hotovo QA meetup

On Thursday, May the 25th, we will hold the first …

Girl’s day at Hotovo

In technology companies, women are still a minority. Girl’s day is …



Thank God It’s Friday!



Thank God It’s Friday!

Girl's day logo

Girl’s days 2017 is here!

The 4th day of the 4th week of the 4th …

Clearvision DevCon

DevCon party

On Thursday, February the 16th, we held a “celebration” of …

CCE DevCon

Clearvision DevCon

Come and join the “Clearvision DevCon” an event for developers, …

Scaling Scrum

Scaling Scrum

Thinking about implementing Scrum in a larger scale? No problems, …

Story points

What are these story points anyway?

Story points, sometimes called estimate points, are the result of …

Hotovo was a hero for one day

On the 13. July, our company, within the involvement in …

Planning pokeer

Planning poker – Let’s play

Only in IT you have a chance to play cards …

Scrum artifacts

Scrum artifacts

Let’s take a look at what artifacts are used in …

Girls day 2016

Girls day 2016 at Hotovo

On 28th of April we showed to young girls how …

Scrum party

Scrum, Let’s party!

Compared to traditional project management Scrum has quite high RPM, …

Scrum team

The Scrum Master, the Product Owner and the Team

These are the roles in Scrum. No management? That’s right


Agile vs Waterfall

Imagine that you are going to throw a party. Let’s …


10 ways of how to use JIRA differently

JIRA is a great tool in software development with its …

5 things not to do when you have a business idea

So you decided you want to do something with your …

5 things you need to do when you have a business idea

Everyone has good ideas all the time. The question is …