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Inspiring Visits from the HOTOVO team…

Giving back to society plays a great role within Hotovo, and one of the most important and rewarding ways to do so is by talking to the younger generations – showing them the different paths and opportunities that are available to them.

Last week our colleague Majo Boržik visited the Premonštrátske gymnázium in Košice, which dates all the way back to 1802. It’s an inspiring grammar school, where historical background holds hands with a modern and individual approach.

The school had organized a day for students focused on the theme: What university should I select? And Majo prepared a presentation to explain to this group of 2nd- to 4th-grade students what it is like to study information technology and work for an IT company. 

Majo started by talking about his high-school studies, and how important it is to select the right subjects and learn to be responsible for one’s own learning. 

He explained that as soon as they become uni students, it’s all on them. That a school itself is really only responsible for about 30% of what they can get out of it – the rest is up to them as an individual, and the work they choose to do and produce.

Marian giving lecture at school
Majo giving lecture

He then talked about what it’s like to work for a company like Hotovo. 

What are the perks, and why should students choose to go into the IT sector?

Among the main pros he listed were:

  • fast career growth (it’s all up to you)
  • many different roles and specialities to choose from
  • meeting cool and inspiring people from different countries and cultures
  • great flexibility in your work location and schedule 
  • you can be a nomad and still be part of interesting projects
  • you can start to participate in the industry young – even during your uni studies
  • there’s opportunity to attend many different industry conferences, both at home and abroad
  • lots of internal academies to support people´s professional growth
  • yummy breakfasts and lunches frequently provided by your company
  • unforgettable team-buildings

And is Hotovo fulfilling all this? Yes, he said. And even more…

He explained how Hotovo is a great company to work for because of its company culture and its principles. 

We are not just colleagues. We are a community. We support diversity and inclusion. People are our greatest company asset.

We’re a team of all these great minds, with many different life paths and hobbies – from climbers, runners, and bikers, to violin or handpan players, and let´s not forget our DJs and great Hotovo chefs!

And what does Majo see as the greatest Hotovo asset?

“That we try to contribute to a better society.” 

So, has Majo inspired any of the students to join the IT world? We don´t know, but we certainly hope so as it is a world of great creativity and opportunity, with few limits or boundaries.

And it’s not only in Slovakia that we’re giving back to the community… 

On Thursday, Michele – our colleague from the UK office – also gave a presentation in a college, organized through her volunteering work with the Association for Project Management. 

She presented to a group of Business Studies students, talking to them about careers in IT with a focus on Project Management.

Michele speaking about Project management

Michele’s “giving back” doesn’t end there either. She’s also a regular volunteer at a homeless charity, and is constantly looking for new ways in which she can help or inspire others. 

A truly inspirational woman, Michele has completed the super-endurance Ironman Triathlons an incredible three times. And having just completed her latest, she’s now busy creating other ways to support and motivate others in their running journeys – whilst also continuing to train for a half-marathon next month, and another full marathon in December! A true representative of the inspiring personalities we have within the Hotovo team, you can read more about Michele’s story here

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