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Just as we do every month, we’ve pulled together a selection of articles from the world of web tech that we at HOTOVO think are worth sharing…

Discover what’s new in Typescript 4.9 Beta, get some valuable insight into Angular 14’s inject function, find out if you should implement Critical CSS, learn how to create nested dynamic routes in React, and much more.

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What defines a senior developer?

Do you know the distinction between junior, mid-level, and senior engineers? Is it about knowledge, or years of practice, or maybe something else? Check out this article for a great explanation on how it’s the balance between knowledge and experience that determines a developer’s skill level.

What’s coming in Typescript 4.9 Beta?

Another minor-upgrade version of Typescript is approaching, and we can now see what goodies it will bring. Prepare yourself for improved performance on huge projects in watch mode by using file watch by default instead of polling, a new satisfies operator, and enhanced property narrowing using a more powerful version of the “in” operator. Check out this blog post to learn more!

What makes Angular 14’s inject function so cool? 

The inject() function takes an InjectionToken as a parameter and returns the value from the active injector. It works as an alternative approach to getting a dependency, other than using constructor injection. So why is it so cool? Mostly because it can reduce the constructor complexity! Read this article to find out more, and how to use it.

What is Critical CSS, and how to do it right

Fetching and parsing the CSS is, by default, a blocking operation that delays rendering the first paint. Critical CSS can be defined as “the styles needed to render the initial viewport”. Therefore, determining and loading only the Critical CSS first, sounds like good optimization – right? Check out this blog to understand why that’s not always as easy as it may sound, and how to get it done right.

Nested dynamic routes with React Router v6

This tutorial explains how to nest dynamic routes using React Router, and why you shouldn’t forget to use the Outlet component in the parent route. For more details, go through the tutorial.

JavaScript APIs you might have overlooked

Do you know all of JavaScrips’s available APIs? You’re bound to know the most used and most popular ones. But there are some lesser-known APIs that are also extremely useful. Check out this article to find out about them… at the very least, we recommend checking out the Page Visibility and Broadcast Channel APIs!

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