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HOTOVO on tour…

Following on from our recent excursions and eventing in Dubai, last week several of the Hotovo team travelled to Berlin, Germany for MPE 2022 – Europe’s Largest Merchant Payments conference.

From July 5-7, the InterContinental Hotel, Berlin hosted 1200+ attendees, including 120+ speakers, 300+ merchants and over 70+ sponsors & exhibitors, connecting the leaders in FinTech, all united by their passion for merchant payments!

MPE conference app

Hotovo has a good pedigree within this vertical and we were invited by our friends and peers over at 2opus to discover with them, how well this community is served.

With our friends and peers at 2opus

2opus themselves are renowned for providing a full range of services and developing solutions for FinTech business. Alongside some of our delivery teams are ready to serve and help with any software development activities, with in-depth knowledge of the financial service industry including working alongside merchants for acquiring and payments product design, planning and integration.

It was a fantastic event, meeting with merchants from every walk of life, Louis Vuitton to Adidas, alongside these goliaths, it was also fantastic to meet with the vendors of bleeding edge innovation and technologies all coming together in support of existing financial supply-chain retailers and with a huge focus on tomorrows emerging markets, such as India, China and Africa. With potentially 2.3 Billion new users expected to the world population over the next 80 years, how to ensure that everyone has the same opportunities to realise the potential of their consumer rights and that these services don’t cost (us) the earth!

A pun-perfect-piece to wrap upon, is the awesome work being done by the team over at – helping people reduce the climate impact on their purchases! 

With the pending arrival of CBDC’s, increased Mobile Money and digital finance, what these guys are building is surely a future integration for every single payment and wallet platform?!

At Hotovo we pride ourselves on seeking projects that protect mother earth and to deliver with heart and humanity and this project is right on the money as far as our team is concerned! Hopefully we can bring you more on this and similar projects as we download and decompress from the WOW experience that we witnessed over the past 7 days…

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