Hotovo meetup

Hotovo’s Divine Comedy of Programming

Long time no meet-up, right? Time to change that!
We’ve planned a great event that will be interesting, useful, and most importantly, fun 🙂

All developers know that programming comes with its own special world of heaven and hell… but the good news is, for every circle of programming hell, there’s someone figuring out how to turn that into a circle of heaven! So, inspired by Dante, we’ve created our very own Hotovo’s Divine Comedy of Programming event.

An on-site event at our offices, you’ll enjoy three interesting talks about three different topics, each hosted by a different member of our excellent team. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet and talk to lots of other interesting people.

14th June from 6pm, at HOTOVO’s offices at Štúrova 44. So, what exactly can you expect at the unique Hotovo’s Divine Comedy of Programming event?

Escaping the testing inferno with Playwright

Good news – you no longer have to dread creating end-to-end tests for your web app. A lot has changed since the testing hell days of the past! In this talk we’ll show you how to use the Playwright framework to make testing a joy. No matter if you like to write them in JavaScript or another language. We will run tests sequentially, in parallel. And we will simulate devices locally or run on real ones with Browser Stack at scale. Come and see how you can start to love testing. 

Message brokers: eliminating message purgatory

The sheer number of messages needed in modern programming is sufficient to make them one of the most “sinful” aspects of a dev. But thanks to message brokers, we can take messaging out of purgatory and into heaven! This presentation will discuss the key aspects of message brokers and how they help us to facilitate the decoupling of processes and services within systems.

The 7 circles of functional programming

Contrary to being a pathway to hell, functional programming is gaining popularity among mainstream technologies, with many developers considering it a big slice of heaven! In this talk we’ll try to dissect the different levels of functional programming, from functions as values, algebraic data types, functional abstractions, to monads and IO effects, all with the help of Scala programming language.

Come and meet lots of interesting people with similar hairstyles here on the ground 🙂

After absorbing all of the information from our speakers, enjoying juicy questions on the Q&A round, and chatting with all the other interesting people, a small refreshments will be provided.

Please also note that we will be creating audiovisual content during the event. By attending this event you agree with this content’s creation and its publishing on social media.

You can find more details about the event and speakers on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Book your calendar so you don’t miss it 😉

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