Color formats in CSS, news in Angular v13 and a whole lot more

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Just as we do every month, we’ve pulled together a selection of articles from the world of web tech that we here at HOTOVO think you won’t want to miss…

Find out what new color formats are used in CSS, get some useful tips on React’s cleanup function, read what’s new in Angular v13, find out how to make React Native builds faster, and a whole lot more.

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Modern colors in CSS

Everyone knows RGB colors, most of you will know HSL, but do you know the modern standards such as HWB, LAB or LCH, Including what they are good for and why and when they should be used? Read this article to find out.

Using the React useEffect hook’s cleanup function

React’s useEffect hook allows you to define a cleanup function for removing unwanted side effects before next execution or component removal. This is particularly useful for data fetching, where it allows you to cancel the request. Learn more about how to use it in this article.

Angular v13 released

Angular has released its version 13, and it does not look to be an unhappy occasion! It comes with the complete removal of the old rendering engine, View Engine, in favor of the new Ivy Rendering Engine. Another major change is the removal of IE11 support. To see what other changes are part of the release, check out the article.

How to maintain a Next.js application

A Next.js application, same as many others, has a tendency to grow over time until it reaches a state when its code bases become complicated to maintain. This can be due to missing tests, outdated dependencies, growing script and css bundles, and more. The author of this article provides useful tips on how to make a larger Next.js application easier to maintain in the long term.

Faster React Native builds with Expo

The Expo framework for React Native has introduced a beta feature to speed up your builds and even reduce their resulting size. How is it possible? Don’t hesitate to find out – read this blog post!

Github Codespaces

This summer Github released their Codespaces product publicly. It allows developers to collaborate with on-demand access to a development environment running a Git repository on a remote server. Developers Visual Studio Code IDE as local or web instance. A new environment can be created in seconds, and run on virtual machines with up to 32 cores. Read the article to find out how to set it up, and check out more detail on the project’s website.

GitHub codespaces
GitHub codespaces
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