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Just as we do every month, we’ve pulled together a selection of articles from the world of web tech that we here at HOTOVO think you won’t want to miss…

Find out what features the new beta version of TypeScript 4.5 includes, get some useful tips on CSS debugging, read in-depth explanations on Git pull requests and implementing React Native updates, and a whole lot more.

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What’s in the new TypeScript 4.5?

TypeScript 4.5 is now in beta and we can see the new features that are coming with it. The most interesting looks to be the new Awaited type which unwraps Promises and nested Promises, and module support for Node.js. However there’s much more worth checking too – have a read of this article to find out what.

Node.js web streams

Streams are about splitting resources into smaller chunks and processing them one at a time without the need to download all the data. Learn more about the different types of streams and their usage in Node.js in this useful blog post.

Git tricks – pull requests

Pull requests are not a core Git feature, but were added by platforms such as GitHub, Bitbucket or Azure, and are now often part of the development process. Is there anything you don’t know about how to use pull requests? Read this article to find out.

useReducer or useState in React

Sometimes it’s tricky to decide whether to use a state or reducer hook. State is simpler to understand and needs less code to write, but it comes at the cost of more possible issues – especially when creating more complex hooks. Check out this article to learn more about when to use each hook.

CSS debugging

Complex styling issues are sometimes hard to spot. Read this article to get tips on how to debug CSS issues more efficiently with the power of dev tools and become a better web developer.

React Native live updates with Expo

React Native, similar to the Ionic framework, supports live or over-the-air updates without a need to resubmit the app to the App Store. It’s based on the fact that bundled JavaScript code is just a resource which can be downloaded by the app. This article describes how to implement this feature using the Expo framework.

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