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September newsletter: News you can’t miss

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Optimizing web images for real displays

Did you know that most displays used today have a density higher than 1.5? This may sound unimportant, but the result is images that look worse than expected or much larger as needed. Jake Archibald wrote a great article on how to optimize an image with respect to pixel density.

React Native cross-platform app

It sounds amazing to build apps for iOS, Android, web and even desktop apps as native or with Electron wrapper. In practice, however, it is not as simple as it might seem. In a series of articles, you will learn how to set up such a React Native project.

What is new in RxJS 7

RxJS is a popular library for reactive JavaScript programming. It gained more traction after being listed as one of the building blocks of the Angular framework. A new version has recently been released and there are several updates, the main benefit being the reduced bundle size. See what the other changes are.

HTTP3 deployment options and experience

In our previous newsletter, we introduced a series of articles on HTTP3 features and performance. The last part of the series discusses the practical possibilities of deploying HTTP3-enabled content on the backend and caveats it brings.

VS Code now has inline hints

There is a feature that VS Code users lacked compared to IntelliJ editors. Inline hints are often a great guide to working with methods that have multiple parameters. Now they have finally landed in VS Code along with other improvements.

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