July newsletter: Web tech summer edition


Typescript 4.4 features

Another minor version of Typescript is now in beta, and we can already see the goodness it brings. One of the improvements is control flow analysis, which is now able to use guard type information, even if it is assigned to constants. Others include an index signature accepting string literals and multiple performance updates.

Understanding JS decorators

In JavaScript, we have functions as first-class citizens. It is logical to use the other functions to act as the decorators to augment the behavior of decorated functions. For a while, the same can be applied to classes to decorate their functionality. This pattern became popular in Angular and Typescript.

CSS unit and their size

Do you know that in CSS you even have units like centimeter or inch? And do you know that their size is not what it sounds like? One pixel nowadays often does not mean one real pixel on the screen. Find out more in the article.

How to improve front-end testing

This article explains how to avoid common mistakes in creating test cases that lead to slow test performance, complicated maintenance, or inconsistent results, whether it is a unit test or an integration test.

New Figma interactive components

Figma now introduced new feature allowing to define component states and interactions and reuse them with each copy of the component. Check out how to achieve this in Figma in the article.

Figma has now introduced a new feature that allows you to define component states and interactions and reuse them with each copy of a component. Take a look at the pictures in the article and learn how to achieve this in Figma.

That’s all for this summer edition of interesting articles that caught our attention 🙂 Stay tuned for another newsletter full of useful information.

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