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React 18 features

After a long break, the React team regained traction and prepared the alpha version of the next release. Learn more about new features in this article, such as batching updates to improve performance, concurrent rendering that allows the server to stream data, and more.

Deep overview of CSS-in-JS

Defining CSS in JS or Typescript files, usually as part of framework components, has recently become relatively popular. This blog post describes all the pros and cons of the solution and compares 10 selected libraries.

Best practices for SPA and Google web vitals

Google has introduced Web Vitals as a metric for measuring user experience when interacting with websites and web applications. It focuses on performance and interactivity when launching a page or application. The article describes all the measures and steps to take if you are not getting good results with single-page applications.

Canceling network requests with fetch

Learn how to cancel an ongoing fetch request using the Abort Controller and why you should do so.

Authentication solutions for React Native

This is an overview of 5 selected authentication solutions for React Native such as Auth0, AWS Cognito and more. The article summarizes the benefits and drawbacks of individual solutions, including integration methods.

What’s new in Chrome DevTools?

Learn about the latest exciting features added to developer tools to enhance the developer experience. One of the most requested features – the CSS grid editor has finally been launched. Did you forget and declare a constant in the console? Now you can re-declare it! Read the post to learn more.

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