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Auditing CSS tools

CSS auditing may not be very common, but is often a necessary task on larger projects to detect unused and optimize the slow selector or improve accessibility and low contrast ratios. Learn about tools you may not be familiar with in this article.

Welcome CSS container queries

They are coming! Although still experimental, container queries will soon become a reality in CSS. This will make creating responsive pages even easier and give you more control. Let’s find out what they are about.

How to use ES modules in NodeJS

As of NodeJS version 15.3, native EC modules are enabled by default and ready for use in production. The articles shows how to use them together with CommonJS modules. You can find there also the description of the differences.

Chrome DevTools news

Chrome DevTools recently introduced some great new features, such as the new flexbox css debugger or improvements to the DOM tree accessibility view. Another useful feature is the option to display computed css values instead of css variables.

Please note: In our January newsletter we mentioned device debugging. Just in case you are dealing with Android.

E2E testing – Playwright or Cypress

New generations of E2E testing tools for web applications are growing rapidly. The time has come when it might be useful to consider replacing older Webdriver-based frameworks. Selenium is a good example. Check the comparison of the most popular tools.

JavaScript SEO best practices

If you want your site to be recognized by Google search engine, you really need to pay special attention to SEO. This article offers some good tips on how to make the most of SEO and ensure that your site is ready to occupy the top positions in Google search 😉

That’s all for now. Get the most out of the tools available and stay tuned for another newsletter about web technologies. 🙂

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