Mastering fonts

Secrets of the font size

When working with typography, you may have noticed that different fonts are not the same size, even though they are set in the css rule. You can find out a lot with developer tools, but the reason for this behavior is different. Learn more about the fonts.

Font loading strategies

Every good looking page also needs a fancy font. There are several ways to load them. Try the strategies described in the article and find out which one suits you best.

Intersection observer goodies

You can use IntersectionObserver whenever you want to create fancy sites with animated elements based on scroll visibility. A recent update solves issues with some advanced visibility use cases (at the cost of performance). Find out more in the article.

Using D3 library with React

A great tutorial on how to integrate and use the D3 charting library with React. It shows you how to use the library not only for charting, plots and maps, but even how to use it for simple icons and images and how to animate them.

When to use useReducer hook?

If you don’t use Redux or any other store management libraries in your React app, it can sometimes be quite messy. Maybe you should consider using a useReducer hook as a possible solution. Take a look at this article and look at some of the use cases listed here to see if useReducer is good for you.

How to store private data in React Native?

In React Native, AsyncStorage is used as the default option for storing data. But is it unencrypted? From the article, you will learn how to properly store secret or private data using a single solution for both Android and iOS. The article also shows the integration with Redux.

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