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Redux or React Context?

What is better for state management in your opinion? React-context or Redux? This is always a debate in the React community. Do you think that React-context is a state management tool ? In this article by Mark “acemarke” Erikson will show you why react-context is not management tool.

How to write better functional components

In this short but very useful article by Bikash Panera you will learn 5 simple tips for readability and optimization for React.

Refactoring promise chain and async / await

Do you find yourself constantly improving and refining your code? This is called neverending story. Here is Brian Lego’s article on how to refactor promise chains with async/await.

Singleton in Typescript

We are pretty sure that you know what a singleton pattern is. But do you know how to use it in Typescript? In this very short, but to the point, Fernando Dogli’s article, you will learn how implement this pattern.

React Native – build offline app

Some applications may not require the synchronization of multiple users. Sometimes they have privacy concerns. In other cases, you simply reduce operating costs by storing all data locally. If you consider any of these reasons or maybe some others, there are offline apps for you. Check the article on how to build offline mobile app with React Native and Watermelone DB.

Ignite – the best React Native boilerplate?

Ignite is considered one of the best boilerplates for React Native apps. New version 6.0 was released and comes with significantly reduced complexity. If you are using React Native it is worth seeing what’s new.

Chrome DevTools – remote debugging and Android

Chrome dev tools offer remote debugging browsers and web view from the developer machine. This is incredibly useful in investigating device issues. If you are not using it yet, check how to enable and connect it to the phone. Once you try it, you won’t regret it. 🙂

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