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Webpack 5 released

Our most popular build tool comes with a new major release after v4 in 2018. You can get compatible versions of your add-ons from the month of release. See the article for details on the changes. Among other things, the names of auto-parts, better hashing of content, caching updates, better shaking of three and more.

Authenticating React apps with Auth0

When developing, a critical feature is ensuring that only authenticated users have access to the application. This is generally a very tedious task, but there is a service called Auth0 that provides authentication features. In this article by Nefe, you will learn how to authenticate React applications using Auth0.

Testing React app with Redux hooks

Despite the decline in popularity, Redux is still often used for global state management with React. This article explains how to test React application using Redux with API hooks. The testing framework used is the React testing library.

Guide to WebAssembly JS API

The Javascript engine has significantly improved over the last ten years. However, it is still behind the performance of the original languages. This has changed using WebAssembly. Learn more about it and how it works in the context of JS.

How to better use animations?

Animations help the application stand out and the user understands these actions. Learn when to use them and how to set up the animation correctly. Article provider examples and use cases for each from the above questions.

React Native debugging

One of the tasks that a developer often repeats is debugging. See this article for information on which debugger to use for React Native applications. The article focuses on tree tools – Flipper, React Native Debugger and Reactotron. Discuss the pros and cons of each of these tools and conclude what and when to use.

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