September newsletter: What autumn brings

How Facebook built new app

We all use Facebook, don’t we? Learn what Facebook used to build a new version of its popular app. Are you interested in what their stack looks like in 2020? Well, this article is for you. 😉

Do have React hooks any downsides?

Are the React hooks really great features in React? Let’s find out. Awesome article by Nir Yosef.

Exiting features for ECMAScript 2021

ECMAScript a.k.a JavaScript is constantly evolving. Check out what great features are coming in next year.

Do you think you know all about XSS?

Awesome article shows, that you can steal cookie value from other website using iframe and limited amount of characters to make the challenge harder. Entire web is extremely interesting reading.

How to use animations in apps

I bet we all have to cope with animations from time to time. Then this useful guide on what to do and what to avoid when building web animations is in the game.

Which testing framework to use for React Native?

The article compares two testing frameworks. So let’s find out pros and cons of Detox vs Appium testing frameworks.

What’s new in VS Code?

New goodies came to VS Code editor with August release. Our favourite is formatting just subset of the project on save when contributing to other project so you do not create huge diffs.

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