August newsletter: Summer speeding up

Typescript 4.0 released

New major version of Typescript compiler have been released recently. And what it brings? Well.. many small improvements. From better performance through variadic tuple types to new IDE features as refactoring to optional chaining.

How to review accessibility

Chrome dev tools are extremely powerful in helping out the web developers. Maybe you’ve heard of it, but one of the less known features is that they allow to review the app accessibility. Learn how to get most out of it!

How efficient React is?

If you’ve ever been wondering how much slower React is, when measuring its basic operations, check this article.

Preact X with hooks

Preact – the smaller and faster alternative to React is now available in version 10 with hooks. If you’ve got curious after reading previous article then you should check out what it brings.

Do you know input mode?

Mobile devices provide multiple keyboard layouts. So let’s have a look on how you can help users get the most suitable one for the input you need.

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