July newsletter: Still in love with React :)


Hey guys, enjoy reading the articles selected by our devs. Maybe the time laying on the beach will be even better with them 😉

Next.js Release – 9.5

New release of Next.js 9.5. is here with lots of new features. You should check it out!

Styled Components in React

Do you know how to use styled components in React properly? Get inspired by Adebiyi Adedotun Lukman.

Performance in React

In article by Shedrack Akintayo you will learn about methods of improving and optimizing performance in React applications.

React Context

Do you know how to use React context? In this article Tyler McGinnis describes how to use it.

Linked List

Do you like Data Structures? And what about Linked List? Dave Ceddia did an amazing job and explained Linked List.

Do you have any more interesting reading to share? Just let us know or leave a comment.

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