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June newsletter: Magic with React

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Testing React components

Do you test your react application? If not you should start. Here is a great article by Robin Wieruch.

Speeding up Google Fonts

Check out this simple trick how to speed up Google fonts loading by 20%.

How to think as React Hooks

Do you think in React hooks ? Great blog post by Amelia Wattenberger.

Angular 10 released

Learn what is new in latest Angular 10. Team focused on improving the app size and overall dev experience.

New projects dropped support for older browsers, improves possibilities to tree shake code and more.

Fast navigation for websites

Navigate nearly instantly on the web site as you would do it with web application by pre-rendering links.

Use React Native to create animated components

Do you like animations? Let’s create an Animated Product Review Display with React Native by Jason Brown.

What’s new in VS Code

VS Code now improves debugging by automatically providing debug configuration. Improves link handling in terminal, allows to connect GitHub remotes and much more.


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