March newsletter: Angular and React


In March we spent a bit more time focusing on Angular and React. Take a look on the articles that grabbed our attention.

Enjoy reading 😉

Rendering large lists with Angular

While creating application that works with bigger amount of data and need to display them without pagination sooner or later come across performance issues. However there are options how to solve this problem. In fact Angular provides them already built into framework.

Rendering large lists with React

React does not provide solution on its own, but there are multiple libraries which come for the rescue. Check how to use one of them.

Do you need resume?

No further looking needed. Here free open-source resume builder created with React by Amruth Pilai.

Likely the best React tables

Sometimes you need a table for your project to be lightweight and fast. React Table just releases version 7. Created by Tanner Linsley.

Ant Design

Ant Design – the most popular design library just release version 4. Check what’s new!


Electric loader

Awesome loader using svg animation and js.

What do you think? Do you have any more interesting reading? Let us know 😉

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