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February newsletter: JavaScript

Are you interested as much as we are in what is new in JavaScript world? Then a brief summary of interesting articles may be a nice reading for you as well. 🙂

Stripe JS for React

Do you need to set up payment processing in your react app ? Stripe makes it easy. New library for react now with hooks.

10 useful React components

Do you need React carousel, Toast library or enter credit card payment details? Check this collection of React components and find even more. 10 useful component from various use cases.

Don’t create memory leaks

With rise of single page apps and PWA’s it is a lot easier to create app that over time eats up all the available memory. Learn how to build apps without memory leaks.

React Query

New React library for fetching, caching and updating asynchronous data made by Tanner Linsley.

Local storage vs Session storage

Do you know the difference between local storage and session storage ? In this article by Isha Jauhari you will learn what those differences are.

Tree types of code

Every developer meets in his carrier code with various quality. Learn how to prevent poor quality coding.


Night sky animation

Relax a bit with nice nights sky animation. … and don’t forget to check how it’s done. 😉

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