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From time to time, shit happens. To everyone. You are not special 😉 And you simply can’t help yourself. OK, you can hide in the corner  and cry. Or you grab the chance to cope with it. Somehow.

Quite often a cellphone in your pocket is the only way how to get rid of this s**t. Especially if you know the right apps for certain types of situations.

I remember a day…one of those when I was asked to help my grandma with wood to fit the boiler. Well, I love her, it wasn’t an issue at all. But that was a trigger for me: “There should be many other grandmas in the world that might need someone’s help.”

And today, couple of months later, I have such “let’s cope with it” app on my phone. Wherever I go, whatever I need. Local Hero is with me. The mobile app that vied to be seen and participated in IT Live projects. The competition organised by Technical University of Kosice. And Local Hero scored! The second place out of 37 projects on the list is a proof that its potential has been revealed.

It’s intended to be used by people willing to help and get good karma points in return. Literally, you can get karma points. At least in the app 🙂 Or you can find another hero like you.

Just turn the notifications on!

Watch the video to find out more.


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Silvia Ďuková

"Spontaneous little ball of energy." My friend said these words about me a long time ago. Still true :) And such energy guides me on the path of business development and marketing.


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