Blockchain platform Sophia TX UKTN

Blockchain platform Sophia TX in partnership deal

Blockchain platform Sophia TX UKTN SophiaTX, the Swiss-based Blockchain Platform for businesses, has joined forces with Block Unison, a multinational technology company comprised of blockchain professionals combining engineering experience with full stack architecture capabilities for internet and mobile-based applications.

As blockchain continually evolves, creating new opportunities for business innovation, SophiaTX said partnering with Block Unison will help it in developing a global enterprise blockchain ecosystem through IoT, smart contract, and enterprise application integration.

“With this partnership, we aim to extend our capabilities by leveraging on the blockchain experience of the Block Unison team to provide market-leading expertise and serve clients across various industries,” said Marian Hires, managing partner of SophiaTX.

“I believe Block Unison carries the right mindset in the innovative technology world, and given that wide adoption of blockchain by enterprises will require both business and technological know-how, they will surely prove a valuable partner.”


Fingers crossed guys, we’re with you!



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