8th Years Anniversary with Hotovo

Hotovo was founded in 2010 and is now celebrating its 8th anniversary.

The world has changed a great deal in the past 8 years. The internet has 4.2 billion users, Facebook has 2.072 billion users, Google processes 100 billion searches a month, 300 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube every minute and over 95 million photos are uploaded daily on Instagram.

We have acquired new people, skills, friends, contacts, cooperation and services. Today we have a great team of software enthusiasts who have fell in love with making great software for our many lucky clients.

The celebration took place at Hotovo. After a short intro and presentation from CEO, the party started. For example, there was a knowledge contest “Who knows the company most” for a six pack beer. There of course was a great anniversary cake. The band “Cha Bud” created a pleasant mood and free entertainment.

Happy birthday! Hotovo

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