Mobile meetup

1st Hotovo mobile devs meetup

At the end of October Hotovo initiated a our series of meetups to please the hearts of all mobile developers. The first episode of the Mobile Devs Meetup covered all important tech topics and fruitful discussions as well as plenty of beer and pizza…
Our handsome mobile dev squad 🙂 were all a bit anxious about their first session presenting, you know the feeling.. but after some early jokes the atmosphere relaxed and within moments almost every seat was occupied.


The presentations round started our iOS expert Stano presenting the strong type layer in iOS (a.k.a. enough of Alamofire). Even though there were just a few iOS guys in the audience, the presentation was helpful to everyone as the similar architecture is basically applicable to Android applications as well.

The next on the stage to present was Lukas, presenting our knowledge of React Native and it’s pros and cons.. By opening up the floor to questions from all the attendees we knew that we were on the right track as all of the questions from our attendees were very good.

The last star of the show on this day was Michal. He covered architectural basics of Flutter and compared it to the rest of the hybrid and cross-platform technologies. To the outsider and unknowing Google’s Flutter looks quite promising.. but is it? The discussions confirmed and everyone is convinced that THIS TECHNOLOGY MADE SENSE 🙂

It was a great event and hearing all the opinions of our guests was a clear message: Mobile is alive in Košice!!
The atmosphere was excellent and it was good to meet some old friends and to make some new ones! Having a good time underlined with some in-depth technical debate really is a great night and you really shouldn’t miss the next one!

So, what will be the next episode about? 😉
Stay tuned…

The cross-platform presentations are available here.

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