2nd AUG Meetup at Hotovo – Everything about Jira workflows

On 11th of September we’ve successfully launched the second meetup of Atlassian User Group. This time we went through basics and our best practices of workflows in Jira. How to use them and how to “bend” them in order to tune up your processes using Atlassian Jira. We hope you enjoyed it and will be looking forward to seeing you at the next meetup soon. Any suggestions of what you would like to discuss are welcome!

Heads-up! In order to boost our community awareness, we have prepared new and shiny Slack workspace for AUG – Kosice (https://aug-kosice.slack.com/).

If you need help with Atlassian stuff, would like to provide a valuable feedback on meetups or you just want to know more about topics we’re preparing, join our Slack workspace. To get in, just drop a line to our Group leader at karol.petercik(at)atlassianusergroup.com.

Long life to Atlassians! 🙂  

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