End of life. Is it really the end?

I bet all of you had a wish to have the power to change things, situation or bring something to life again. Ask yourself.

At least once. Do you?

Good news is, that actually, YOU CAN. End of life doesn’t necessarily mean dead. Well… at least if it relates to software. Why not to use that power and stop worrying about compatibility, versioning or bug fixing?

You know that situation… it’s Monday morning, you open your Jira or Confluence and you’re being attacked with error messages:

There is no escape from it. It will repeat anyway. Then going through the piles of other TO-DOs but something is still bothering you. Speed of your system, highlighted text on banners, colleague asking for help… or just a fly 🙂 That’s the right time for someone with deep knowledge about fixing Atlassian related issues or able to find the right answer. Someone that will give you an advice or recommendation how to proceed and avoid struggling in the future. Someone that will help you to be one step ahead.

Or simply not to bother your head with anything and have it transferred elsewhere. You’re just one click away to stop your nightmares 🙂

The time is limited. Invest it in the right things.

about author

Silvia Ďuková

"Spontaneous little ball of energy." These words were said about me a long time ago by my friend. It still holds true :) And this energy leads me on the way of business development and marketing.


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