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teamops factoryTake a look around. Factories everywhere…for industry, facility, automotive, furniture, real estate, medicine…They all have something in common. It’s the software behind.

BUT there is also the one that is focused on Atlassian expertise. Maybe your request cannot be fulfilled by scrolling down the Atlassian Marketplace and available solutions it offers. No probs at all. We at Hotovo like customisations and development of completely new options how to get things done. This time not only by providing experienced devs for different kind of projects, systems integrations, mobile or web development but also providing Atlassian expertise in easy and fast way.

It’s just about you and your business. Tell us what bothers you on solution you use currently or introduce the idea you have in mind. We’ll help you to bring it to a real world. Speed up your projects, collaborate with your team transparently and manage your source codes comfortably in a way you wish. Unleash your creativity with the expertise that is touching your ideas. All that just one click away.


Ask for quote to your idea, upcoming project or consultancy on already running task you’re up to.

That’s it.

And keep in mind that “Hotovo” means “done”  😉


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Silvia Ďuková

"Spontaneous little ball of energy." These words were said about me a long time ago by my friend. It still holds true :) And this energy leads me on the way of business development and marketing.


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