Atlassian Summit

What’s your plan for early September? Join Atlassian Summit for special price!

It always makes smile on my face when I’m about to pay a bill and voila: “Hey madam, You’ve got a discount..” I would buy it thought. But anyway, it’s a nice feeling. Isn’t it?

It’s nicer if it’s about a bigger amount. And even more beautiful if I can take someone else with me to join the event due to that discount.

And that’s exactly what we offer this time. The experience. Fun. Knowledge.

Get 30 percent discount by using the special code MARKET30OFF413 and attend the Atlassian Summit 2018. This year in Barcelona. Save the date in September from Monday the 3rd until Wednesday the 5th.

Book your place now and make sure you meet partners, boost your product skills, socialise and expand your horizons.

ENJOY Atlassian Summit!

And have fun! 😉

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Silvia Ďuková

"Spontaneous little ball of energy." These words were said about me a long time ago by my friend. It still holds true :) And this energy leads me on the way of business development and marketing.


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