Hotovo Teen Dev Day 2018

Hotovo Teen Dev Day 2018

We know that today’s youth will build the future of tomorrow. That’s why Hotovo has gladly invested the time and energy to host an event for young girls to showcase the work and life aspects of IT world.

After a short intro from CEO, our colleagues presented the company not only from project and product perspective, but also from work-life balance point of view. Then the stage belonged to our female colleagues. They told us about their beginnings and how they get into IT world. Shared with us their feelings and experiences. The girls, pupils from gymnasium, were particularly interested in the stories of Hotovo girls as in the IT industry, the female presentation is heavily under represented.

The girls had also the opportunity to touch a real IT work. They developed a simple mobile application under mentorship of Hotovo Mobile stream leader.

How it goes and how it looks in the companies with relaxed atmosphere and family like approach, could be seen in Hotovo premises. Nosy questions afterwards initiated a fruitful discussion.

We ended up the session with a little but of fun bringing activities. The sunny weather haven’t discouraged us from enjoying “dance competition” with Kinect. We wanted to show, that a job in the office is not always only about sitting in front of a screen.

We hope that we presented the IT world as transparent as we could and our visitors will seriously consider working and some other benefits of IT world.

Wanna “feel” the atmosphere of Hotovo Teen Dev Day? Check out the video.

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