1st Atlassian User Group Meetup at Hotovo

We were very honoured that we have hosted a very first meetup of Atlassian User Group here in Kosice on 15th of May. Atlassian User Group is a community initiative, supported directly by Atlassian. And Hotovo as a serious Atlassian fan had to be surely involved.





Many thanks to our speakers Ivan Labuda and Lukas Judicak. And of course to the Group Leader of AUG Kosice – Karol Petercik as well.

Do you want to know more about Atlassian products, how to use them or are you struggling with some technical problems? Local AUG is the right place where you should start to look for all your answers.








The next meetup will be scheduled soon, you’re all welcome!

Stay tuned 😉

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