Noise killer

Open space noise killer

Noisy work environment significantly decreases work efficiency. No doubts about that.

Are you that “lucky” guy, located and counted within 70% of offices that are open-plan? Did you know that workers lose as much as 86 minutes per day due to noise distractions? (*According to study performed by Steelcase and Ipsos 204).

Your time is priceless. Do not let anyone waste it.

We at Hotovo know that feeling and the price of time. That’s why one of our Live IT projects was focused on keeping the noise level on acceptable level for everyone in the office. Our Open space noise regulation system is monitoring noise level conditions providing means of smart sound and visual alerts interrupting noisy activities when noise level exceed critical thresholds.

How it works…

System learning phase

  • System monitors the level of noise in the office and learns
  • People use mobile apps to help system set proper noise threshold levels

On guard

  • System detects and interrupts noisy activities via activation of sound and visual alerts

  • People can trigger alert manually via mobile application when they feel uncomfortable

Open space noiseThe system is currently in the state of working prototype. But this is not the end. Planed features entail measurement of temperature, humidity and other parameters, API for creation of custom alarms..

Are you in for attending next year challenge? There are several other key problems of open spaces to solve except the noise level, like sound privacy or visual privacy. Just reach out and let us know at 😉



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