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Growing up doesn’t necessarily mean that the child inside is changing over time.

Sometimes I think that the second most beautiful thing about having children, except that indescribable feeling of love, is the time spent with them playing. We all love playing. And, I believe, we still will do.

And this made me think of creating something simple, creative, extendible and what I would enjoy to play with my son. I always remember that happy face when he got his first playing car.

Hmm..what about giving him the opportunity to create a toy that can be printed as a 3D model? I’m a programmer, I love playing…what a perfect match!

When I heard about this year’s challenge of “Live IT projects”, I was in. Immediately. Thanks to the team of fresh minded coders from the Technical University, it didn’t take long and Ta-Dah, let me introduce BuildMe.

BuildMe is the application in which user can create a model by combining building blocks, adding them together and also by making simple modifications to blocks (e.g. rounded corners, scale…). The created model can be exported and printed on 3D printer. From the technology perspective it’s build on Unity framework and serverless solution based on AWS.

Lego is Lego, undoubtedly. I know it will remain to be one of the “must haves”. But maybe your inner soul is already coding a new car for you 😉

Not yet? Let’s get started..

Interested in seeing what it looked like behind the scene? Check out the video.


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