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4th Crypto Meetup – ICO Best practices

First meetup of the year started in the spirit of hodling. Luckily it seems that market cap plunge haven’t discouraged people from cryptocurrencies. The meetup was packed. Many of the attendees were newcomers so we reminded them that crypto is volatile and bubble and bust cycles are part of technology life cycle.

Main presentation was from our Ethereum specialist Gleb Urvanov. Gleb talked about best practices around ICO. He shared his personal experience from implementing smart contracts for our clients. From his experience, there are many things that got improved especially in tooling and best practices. But still there is a lot of room for improvement.

Q&A round with curious questions confirmed that you are into this topic as much a we do.

So will we see you again on the next one? 馃槈

You can download slides from presentation聽here.聽Video can be seen here.


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Peter was intrigued by tech and it's potential since early age. He has transferred his experience from Fintech to our cryptocurrencies team.


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