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I keep my promise I gave you yesterday and today I’m gonna introduce Famousity a bit more.

As a movie freak and trailer addict I cannot start differently. So here you go..

OK, looks like you didn’t leave our blog (thank you for that 🙂 ) so back to the point.

Famousity is a fun, strategic, casual card game with simple rules where you get to know some of the noticeable famous people of history while having fun with your friends and/or strangers. To sum up its main features:

  • card game with easy to learn rules suitable for all ages
  • play online with friends or strangers
  • hand-drawn caricatures of famous people
  • 3D view environment for enhanced experience
  • daily challenges to keep you driven
  • educate yourself about famous people of all time

The game mechanics might be described as a combination of Rummy and Sedma. The game is meant to be played by 2-4 players and it is suitable for all ages. The card deck consists of 64 cards. Each card represents a famous person of the history with his/her area of interests and some of them also having a special ability/action, that can be used during the game to gain advantage. The following picture shows an example of the card with its attributes:

How is the game played?

At the start of the game each player is given 4 cards to begin with. Then the first round starts.
Each player has 4 cards at the beginning of the round, if he does not, he draws cards from the deck (up to 6 cards). In each round a card is placed in the center and the goal of each player is to win this card by matching symbols and/or using special actions to his/her advantage. The player can also skip the round if he does not have a card to play or by other strategic means.
A winner of the round is determined by the best match of his card and the card of the round by counting the number of their mutual interests. If there are multiple players with the same number, then the first player to get this count wins the round center card and his played card and other players will only get their played card into the camp. Played cards with lesser number of matching mutual interests than the top card will be returned into the deck to be played again later.

Next round starts with the next player based on clock-wise order.
Once a card is in the camp, it cannot be used to perform a special action or win the center card of the round. It can be only used to create groups or as a target of the special action played by his owner or opponents (e.g. steal, exchange…). Cards in the camp can be combined to form groups which gives you points you need to win the game.


We currently have an alpha version ready for testing purposes, which contains our initial basic ideas mimicking physical card version of the game with simple graphics. For our final release which is planned for end of this year, we would like to remake the graphics, add fancy 3D models of famous people, implement reward system, customisations and keep the game going by adding new features and cards.

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We have a long road behind, but even longer one ahead of us and we believe that it’s going to be a successful one. If you would like to support us don’t forget to follow our news on the social media listed bellow:


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Enjoy playing!




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