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Road to Famousity

logo famousity gameLooking back into 2017, it goes without saying that it was a cool year. Great for us and great for Hotovo. We have made many interesting deals, found new partners and hired other awesome people. Constant growth opens new doors, that allow us to grow in the areas where we see the big potential. And where we have always been interested in. One of them I am talking about is Video Game Industry. We have planned to step into for quite some time and last year we finally grabbed the chance.

I’ve been playing with several game ideas past few years. But usually fell into the trap of thinking big, like most of the beginning game developers do. And although I would be backed by Hotovo and wouldn’t work on the project alone this time, we still needed to set manageable goals for the first project and a small group of people interested in it. This was supposed to be our first game project, so we had to keep in mind that this might not be a huge success after all. But the game being successful was not really our primary goal.

Our nr.1 was to implement a game, execute the distribution and marketing and let the show begin. Our starting point of getting the future game out to the world was Steam, as the leading platform in digital game distribution. Great! We had a goal. Then we needed an actual game project to distribute. We wanted to start with something simple, but trendy though. You know, attracting people is important 🙂 Our team fella and his friend had a great idea for a card game they had been creating for some time. The game is built around famous people from history, with easy to learn rules and it’s fun to play. What a perfect match for our first game! as it has many attractive aspects – card game, casual, multiplayer, suitable for all ages, fun and educative. So there started the story of Famousity.

In August, pumped by summer energy we prepared idea concept and started with the implementation. We already had some experience with Unity game engine. Considering all aspects it looked suited very well for our purpose. So the choice was clear. Although Famousity was still a side-project of Hotovo, we were very determined and excited with the idea, that we have invested a lot of free time to move forward. And we did a great job during September-October and Famousity was ready to be played online and distributed via Steam. Your also keep smiling looking out of the window in rainy days, holding your beloved mouse in your hand, don’t you?

It was also perfect timing for marketing stuff to keep the ball rolling. In November we have started our Social Campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where we present our Famousity Universe and famous people in it.

Initial plan was to release the Famousity in January 2018. But during the development process we thought of many new ideas for the game, which would make it even more appealing and fun. But for that, we would also need a higher budget and more time. Surprise, surprise 🙂 As the time was running we had to decide about the release. Crowdfunding looked like better way to go and we have realised that Famousity is actually a good candidate for such initiative. Setting up successful crowdfunding campaign – another goal ahead. Research, reading, conditions, reading.. And again..

It’s January and we are announcing our upcoming game on Steam platform. And starting another Social Media thread on Steam Community, where we believe in finding other people to join our Famousity Universe. We are also getting ready to launch our first Crowdfunding Campaign on KickICO, that has launched fundraising platform powered by Blockchain recently. In Hotovo we think that the decentralisation is the future and therefore we wanted to start on platform like KickICO. But we are also considering Kickstarter or Indiegogo as the second options. Because we also understand that technologies build upon Blockchain are still young and it will take more time for people to adopt.

We know that there are always many curves on the road. But we are good drivers 😉

Tomorrow I’ll tell you more about the game itself.

Stay tuned!


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